watch what you drop

by admin on January 22, 2014

It was one of those perfect South Florida December days, when the sky resembles the Caribbean Ocean with big white wisps of whipped cream floating by, and being with my one and only sibling sister made it all the more special. We were taking a morning walk, through her neighborhood, with Sam my dog on his retractable leash sniffing and snorting everything that didn’t move. As it goes with sisters, and especially with one you haven’t seen in six months, we were deeply conversing about everything under the sun, solving our family problems, venting our frustrations and not paying one bit of attention to anything other than walking straight ahead and keeping Sam out of flower beds.

Swish #@*!& a gasp for breath. Left hand grabbing my sister’s arm. Feet catching their balance. “Man, what was that?” I looked behind me and saw what I slipped on. A big pile of dog poo right there on the sidewalk, now, with my foot imprinted in it and spreading it forward six inches. “Good grief!” Now, mind you not my Sam’s doing, a very big dog had passed this way.


Being like-minded, sister and I both said, almost at the same time, “Great blog material!”

But beware lest somehow this liberty of yours become a stumbling block to those who are weak. 1 Corinthians 8.9

I have a circle of friends (sister and cousins included) that I can present my stuff without judgment, criticism, or condemnation. Within this circle we all have a safe place to be ourselves, to get real, to be transparent, to make mistakes, to mis-speak – you understand, we can drop our stuff on the sidewalk. We are besties, sworn to secrecy, what’s said with these friends, stays with these friends – you get my point.

But when you sin against the brethren (sisters), and wound their weak conscience, you sin against Christ. 1 Corinthians 8.12

Hypocritical or wise? There are many women in my circle of influence that I wouldn’t dream of being transparent or open with because they wouldn’t get it – they don’t know me as well as my besties – they don’t know my heart like my BFF’s do and they might take offense or take a big slide back and misunderstand. Like me on the sidewalk, they may flail their arms and almost fall because of misunderstanding. That, my friend, isn’t being hypocritical, that is being wise.

In our fast-paced world of tweets and posts and hashtags and pins, we must be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves so we are never guilty of wounding a weak conscience or being a stumbling block to those who may be new to the faith.


Let’s be sure to watch what we drop.



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