five minute friday: favorite

by admin on July 3, 2015

FMF_My favorite things

Today’s Five Minute Friday word prompt is FAVORITE. Kate picked a good one for a holiday weekend because, hopefully, everyone will enjoy their favorite things this weekend! If you’ve read my blogs prior to today you know some of my favorites already! I’m going to make this five minute writing exercise as simple as possible and make a list (in no particular order) and not even check it twice.

Singing, These are a few of my favorite things!

  • My grandkidsSimon 12 Hannah 18 5_28_15
  • My kids
  • My hubs
  • My sister
  • Romans 15.13; Psalm 91; John 17; Isaiah 26.3
  • Sam, our beloved dog
  • Early morning coffee and The Word
  • Birds
  • Nature
  • Water
  • Mountains
  • A good book
  • My friends
  • Extended family
  • Our church
  • Cousins
  • Iced coffeeFeb 2015 Trip to FL 009
  • Chai Tea
  • A good caramel or peanut butter and chocolate candy bar
  • ONLY once in a blue moon: an ice-cold Coke
  • Chips with a sandwich
  • Flowers
  • A manicured yard
  • My worX weed trimmer
  • My work from home job
  • Traveling
  • The Ocean
  • Blogging
  • Taking pictures, although I’m awful at itFeb 2015 Trip to FL 033
  • Cooking
  • A glass of wine
  • Hammock
  • Painted toes
  • Weddings – going to one tomorrow WITH FIREWORKS!!!
  • Camping
  • Walking the beach looking for treasures early in the morning or at sunset
  • Doing laundry – WHAT? Yes, I like to do laundry!
  • Netflix
  • Binge watching a good series
  • Chick flicks, once in a while
  • Redecorating a room at a time
  • White
  • Pale blue

Time’s up – do tell, what are your favorite things?

xo Have a blessed 4th!




what i learned in june

by admin on July 2, 2015

What I Learned

I woke up this morning and after about five seconds remembered my crazy dream! It is rare I remember details about my dreams but this morning I did. I was at an event with Emily Freeman and her sister, Myquillyn The Nester Smith! It may have been in Myquillyn’s famous “barn”. I’m not sure but we were having a blast and celebrating something. Funny how our minds go when we are sleeping. I’ve never met Emily or Myquillyn but I enjoy their blogs and podcasts they do with their dad – they have such fun and I always laugh with them. The dream served as a reminder over at Chatting at the Sky it is time for the What I Learned linkup. I enjoy doing these because they serve as a monthly journal of life’s highlights!

What I Learned in June!

The days go slow but the years go fast! And, so is the case of our grandchildren. Hannah graduated high school and Simon enters the 7th grade. How can this be?

Simon 12 Hannah 18 5_28_15




Family, in spite of dysfunction, separation, divorces – we are family and family is the second most important asset in our lives. The first, of course, is our relationship with God! (below is our family.)


I am in the middle, to my left is my hubs, to my right with the hand on his shoulder is my first husband and the father of my children. The two men standing at the top of the pyramid are my sons. In the front row from left to right my daughter-in-love (separated from son with dark beard and cap), Hannah, Simon, my daughter and immediately behind her with glasses is my son-in-love.

More things I learned in June:

  • There are some people whom I have very awkward “white space” moments with. No expounding.
  • Sometimes an event will cause us to time-lapse and when that happens it is confirmation Solomon really was wise and there is a season for everything!
  • Eastern Phoebes raise two broods a year; each time laying five eggs; from egg-hatching to fledge is 13-14 days; little Phoebes poo a lot; Eastern Phoebes love our front porch.




  • Texting, however popular and convenient, at times must be traded for a real-life conversation in order to accurately get the message across.
  • Dogs get depressed.


  • How to say no even when people expect a yes. Even “no’s” are necessary at times in answer to “good yes’s.” Hopefully, you know what I mean.
  • In times of emergency I am able to remain calm and think clearly and my first response is PRAYER. Realized this the other day when our neighbor rolled his tractor right in front of me (he walked away unscathed) and I was the first responder (in theory because I am not “A” first responder). Perhaps I should have been a nurse or doctor…NOT!
  • I am reminded there is NOTHING new under the sun, and that absolutely NOTHING takes my God by surprise. And, I am still glad I have a tattoo on my wrist that reminds me on a daily basis GAKAT – God Already Knew About This.

What did you learn in June? Do tell!




July 1, 2015

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sonday reflections – june 28 2015

June 28, 2015

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five minute friday: dream

June 26, 2015

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tasty tuesday – blueberry cobbler and two summer beverages

June 23, 2015

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June 21, 2015

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June 19, 2015

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