five minute friday: visit

by admin on January 24, 2014

My mom passed away in October 2012 and man, it’s put a big hole in my world – she was big on visiting. She loved it when folks came over to visit her. She lived alone in a one bedroom apartment, in a nice complex and I think one of her daily “jobs” was to keep tabs on what all her neighbors were up to. So, when she had a visitor I know it made her feel special that someone knocked on her door!

When you went to my mom’s for a visit, no matter who you were, or what day it was or whatever the season she had the right stuff. Are you a tea drinker? She offered hot tea. Prefer coffee? Sure, I’ll make a pot – no problem. And, always underneath her linen drawer she kept a stash of cookies – store bought mostly or if you were really lucky she had just baked a pan of her famous brownies.

My mom loved a good visit. Now, every time I pass her street there is a deep urging to turn up the road, park the car, and knock on the door and holler in “whatcha doin’ Ma? It’s me.”

Five minute Friday: visit




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